A piece of equipment that can be equipped in the character's third equipment slot.

List of ArmorEdit

C-Rank ArmorEdit

Bandit Cloth

Bandit Cloth +

Bandit Tunic

Battalion Mail

Leaf Tunic

Ranger Armor

Ranger Armor +

B-Rank ArmorEdit

Amethyst Mail

Berseker's Vest

Bluelight Armor

Brigand Cloth (horn)

Brigand Cloth + (horn)

Brigand Tunic (horn)

Explorer Armor (ore)

Explorer Armor + (ore)

Esquire Cuirass (metal)

Feather Coat (wood)

Jager Armor (horn)

Knochen Armor (horn)

Legion Mail (metal)

Moonstone Mail (metal)

Organic Mail

Pixie's Tunica

Plated Mail

Sentinel Mail

Warrior Vest (horn)

A-Rank ArmorEdit

Artifact Armor (crystal)

Brave Armor

Beast Vest (Horn)

Bralos Armor (metal)

Chevalier Cuirass

Chieftain Vest (horn)

Crystal Armor (crystal)

Dark Knight Armor (metal)

Droid Armor (metal)

Eustace Armor (horn)

Gold Armor (metal)

Guardian Mail (crystal)

High Pixie's Tunica (wood)

Knight's Mail

Meteorite Mail (crystal)

Molybdenum Plate (metal)

Red Horn Armor

Scarlet Mail

Sturm Plate (metal)

Temple Garments

Ulfhedinn's Vest (horn)

Venator Armor (horn)

S-Rank ArmorEdit

Arcane Armor

Cherub Garments

Crimson Mail

Crimson Horn Armor

Battle Champ Vest (horn)

Breath of Luna (crystal)

Droid Armor 4.4 (metal)

Dryad's Cap (wood)

Farraoh Plate (metal)

Heilheim Armor (horn)

Master Knight Cuirass (metal)

Molybdenum Plate + (metal)

Orcion Mail (ore)

Royal Guard Mail (crystal)

Sigmund's Vest (horn)

Sekhmet Vest (horn)

Tips and TricksEdit

New List of Armor (WIP)Edit

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Image Name Mat R C Lv1  LvMAX Skill
Thumbnail GoldArmor
Gold Armor Iron A 17 292 770 Combo Attacker Lv.4
Pharaoh Plate Iron S 28 462 1177 Combo Attacker Lv.5
Brave Armor Iron A 17 301 788 Attacker Lv.4
Paladin Armor Iron S 28 1203 Attacker Lv.5
Iron A 16 263 746 HP Boost Lv.4
Iron S 28 1180 HP Boost Lv.5
Plated Mail Iron B 11 163 560 HP Boost Lv.3
Knight's Mail Iron A 17 296 784 HP Boost Lv.4
Master Night Mail Iron S 28 471 1199 HP Boost Lv.5
Sturm Plate Iron A 14 255 672 HP Boost Lv.3
Iron B 10 141 485 HP Boost Lv.1
Iron A 15 258 679 HP Boost Lv.2
Iron S 24 408 1038 HP Boost Lv.3